Collection Points

Our growing list of Collection Points aims to make it easy for individuals to reduce their household waste by offering convenient places to drop off used coffee grounds and filters for recycling.

Then we’ll pick them up and get them to farmers who will turn them into compost for growing delicious things!

In addition to the basic information we note below, we’ve created a map to give you more details, so you can easily decide which Collection Spot best suits your needs.

You’ll notice that some of the Collection Spot hosts below are cafes listed on our supporters page and give us their shop’s coffee waste, too!

Want to jump on the bandwagon and host a Collection Point? Whether you’re a business owner or an individual, please get in touch!

Frank Nappa Organic Fruits and Vegetables

Nearest major intersection: Kawaramachi/Imadegawa
Purchase Required? No.
Available Hours: 24/7

The shop shares a space with other businesses that operate on different days. Currently the shop is open on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, but the mame-eco blue bucket is available 24/7 on a bench in front of the location at all times, so you can use it whenever you’d like. See the map below for more details.

Manaia Coffee & Things

Nearest major intersection: Karasuma/Kuramaguchi
Purchase required? No.
Available Hours: Shop’s opening hours.

This cafe hosts a Collection Point bucket just inside the entrance. See the map below for more details.

Coffee Roast Yui

Nearest major intersection: Karasuma/Shimei
Purchase required? Yes.
Available Hours: Shop’s opening hours.

This roastery invites customers to bring their grounds and filters for recycling. See the map below for details.

Click the icon in the upper left corner of the map below to see a list of our collection spots and details about each.

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